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Putting the Horror back in Comics

In the great tradition of horror comics, like EC Comics, Tales from the Crypt, Creepy Archives, Eerie Magazine and Vampirella we introduce our online horror comic Macabre Magazine.

Issue #4

What scares you? Vampires? Werewolves? Creatures from Outerspace? Zombies perhaps? You'll find them right here...

Please feel free to explore the strange world of our horror comic Macabre Magazine. Learn all the decadent secrets of our lovely and twisted hostess Countess Cassandra...move over Elvira!

After the paramedics revive you step over to Cassandra's Crybt and see what our mysterious hostess is up to. If you feel brave enough submit a comment or two but be warned she can locate you with her crystal ball.


You read that right. Our first issue is now available in print format. Your cost is insignificant, just $3.99 (free shipping by our exclusive VampEx service).

But if you are flush with cash you might prefer a signed edition for only $6.99.Yes, the semi-talented artist/writer of issue number 1 will gladly scrawl his name on the inside. Who knows, some day, say in a thousand years, it might be worth something. What are you waiting for?

Order Today!


Issue 4 Available!

Only $.99

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Macabre Magazine - Horror Comic - Digital Horror Comic

Leatherface - Texas Chainsaw Massacre

This Month's Poll

Vote for your favorite Horror film Is it the legendary Halloween, The Exorcist, Alien? You decide...

This Week in HorristoryThis Week in Horristory

What weird event happened this week in might astound you or make you chuckle.


For all you droolers out there take a gander at this exclusive photo I had taken for a sexy magazine, Vampy Vixen, and see me like you’ve never seen me before with their X-Ray Vixen glasses. I’ve never looked better! Who knows it just might keep what little blood you have pumping to that special 'little place'. Ha ha!


Check out our nauseatingly, sick ad in the latest Issue of 'Girl's and Corpses.'

Macabre Magazine Ad
Girls and Corpses

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Horror Wallpaper Download

Download our latest desktop horror wallpaper of Macabre Magazine and the sexy Countess Cassandra.



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